inVISION is a place for researchers, cool hunters, graphic designers, and communicators: The making of research and communication, the synthesis between InContatto and TEA Trends.

InVISION is the space dedicated to designing the future, to imagine and create a meaningful progress for People, Companies, Society through research and the use of unconventional methodologies.

inVISION is all the operative activities focused on research about generational behaviors, market segments, specific targets, and transformation within innovative strategies and impactful, effective, and agile visualization tools.

  • Identifyingandvisualizingtheemergentculturaltendencies
  • Forecasting the impacts on consuming behaviors and personal choices
  • Orienting company innovation with a timeframe of 2-5 years in advance
  • Developingnewproductsandcommunicationprojects
  • Innovatingtheretailsectorandthedistributionchannels
  • Creatingnewcompetencesandprofessions
  • Creatingnewnarrativeformats
  • Producingaudio,video,andMassiveOpenOnlineCourses(MOOC)