Gender Equality Policy UNI/PdR 125:2022

InContatto S.r.l. recognizes, protects and enhances male-female differences and equal opportunities in the workplace, from hiring practices to professional and career development.

The principle underlying this assumption is the need to give women the opportunity to make choices, both relating to their private and professional life, without them becoming the object of discrimination.

Incontatto S.r.l. undertakes to:

  • support women’s empowerment in economic life
  • strengthen the concept of Equal Opportunities, allowing women to access all professional roles and guaranteeing equal pay compared to men
  • insert gender policies into all organizational, business development and leadership strategies
  • promote the concept of equality in participation and representation within the company
  • contribute to improving the balance between men and women within the company
  • promote equal social and civil rights
  • promote women’s rights
  • combat sexual violence
  • promote the overcoming of stereotypes and prejudices related to sex
  • promote career continuity for working mothers
  • foresee initiatives to adapt times and ways of working.

The KPIs identified in accordance with UNI/PdR 125:2022 constitute an important part of the information necessary to determine and explain how Incontatto S.r.l. progresses towards set goals.

The gender equality policy is:

  • defined by the Management, in coordination with the Steering Committee
    communicated and disseminated within the organization and to its interested parties
  • object of awareness and training of company management
  • reviewed and confirmed periodically (at least once a year) on the basis of events, changes and results of monitoring and checks
  • coordinated by a responsible figure, designated by management and in possession of organizational skills

Incontatto S.r.l. assigns resources, responsibilities and authorities adequate for the pursuit, achievement and maintenance of the established gender equality objectives.

Incontatto S.r.l. has established a Steering Committee for the effective adoption and continuous and effective application of the gender equality policy.

This policy is reconfirmed or updated at the time of periodic review, as part of the verification and improvement of the management system.