#paroleDIcontatto – Discovery

#paroleDIcontatto – Discovery

DISCOVERY time is here!  This is the time to feed your keen intelligence and use your creativity to re-invent yourself, and bring to life, talents and abilities, that you ignore. 

DISCOVERY is a precise heartbeat of revelation; when the veil of the unknown rises to make room for astonishment and the recaptured knowledge. In me, DISCOVERY invokes enrichment and gratification. It feels me up with euphoria and excitement that inevitably leads me to become self-aware of what I already have inside. I can see everything with different eyes and I suddenly know what to do. DISCOVERY is therefore emotional, physiological, and cognitive; it predisposes me to plan, it turns on my inspiration and generates in me transformative actions.

Ask yourself the right questions and express what you want. In this precise moment, what do you want more than anything else? Take the initiative and ask yourself what you need. What do you want to learn? Toward which ports do you want to navigate? Which competences do you need? Which steps will make the difference? How will you use your energy? 

Start the process of DISCOVERY now and be amazed.