What about Intentions?

What about Intentions?

What is your intention? What is your will telling you? The orientation of your consciousness to complete a course of action. A direction you intend to follow, a sense that will take you toward a determined goal. To have an intention means to have a sense of direction, but at the same time being open to embrace whatever you will encounter along the way. It represents your determination to act in a particular way.

Intention has beauty inside. An idea of where to go has been conceived. My intention tells me I have already given birth to a concept that will soon be concrete. When my intention is out in the open, I am already there.

Focus on the beauty and don’t let it go out of your sight. Make a plan, evaluate your progress, confirm that your intention has not changed, and always make adjustments to keep it alive and current.

This is the road to reality.

What is your will telling you? What is your intention?