#azioniDIcontatto – BEING AWARE

Listening – I’d like to listen to myself, with accuracy, self-compassion, and care. If I listened to my inner voice, I’d comprehend my most profound needs and desires, I’d know what makes me fly and what makes me fall. If I listened to my silence, I’d understand what I really feel.
Loud noises – When emotions and irrational feelings dominate, loud noises take over and listening to myself becomes challenging. I get irritated, impatient, my mood changes and my common sense inevitably diminishes. Everything moves too fast for me to evaluate what to do. 
The gift of reflection – A gift for me: Slow down and make time to reflect. I made a conscious choice, i.e., to dedicate valuable time to listen to myself. I assess where I am. I reflect on things that fulfill me. I want to know that whatever I am doing, really matters to me and makes me feel good. I think of myself old, and I look back to my life and to everything I have accomplished. So far I love it!